STILL COZY~After All These Years!

most rela fail

Do you sometimes wish you had someone else’s life? Does the grass look greener in your neighbor’s yard. Do you know that there are weeds and maybe a mole or two in his yard, just like yours?

Do you sometimes think that someone’s life is wonderful. Do you know that they have doubts and fears, troubles and trials, and sickness and health, just like you?

If people lived in a glass house, you would know that everyone is basically the same. Some just have more or less money than others. People get up everyday and go about their business. People eat everyday. People go to bed everyday. Some have more trials in their life than others. Some have greater health problems than others. Some have higher financial worries than others. But basically people are the same with one exception. Some people have Jesus in their hearts. Those people can turn…

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