Loving and Living Life !

I miss the trains! As I grew older and had more money in my pocket, I seem to be valuing convenience and time more than experience and fun! I have shifted to Air planes and Cars. I have saved time but lost out on many interesting episodes which were waiting to happen in a train and in my life.


In my infancy, I have made multiple trips between NPM (where we had our home in Tamilnadu) and Madras (Can’t call it Chennai yet!) I was born in Madras and carted to my real home in a first class compartment of a “then-famous, now defunct” Janata Express. My father still laments the expense of the first class ticket for this infant. This luxury disappeared by the time I became a one year old.  All my memories of train journeys were largely in the exciting second class carriages. Thanks appa, for switching…

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