Marketing promotions and socia media sucesses

The Business View

Using You Tube

you tube

1. Create a welcome video.

The new YouTube One Channel  enables businesses to upload a welcome video geared toward viewers who don’t  subscribe to the page. When making the welcome video, keep in mind that viewers  don’t enjoy advertisements and tend to engage more with videos that have a  personal element. Also, try to keep the videos short, between roughly 30 seconds  and a minute, although if your content is compelling enough, you can certainly  exceed that limit.

2. Personalize your channel. The new YouTube One Channel  is easier to personalize in some ways and more difficult to personalize in  others. For instance, personalized backgrounds have been removed but there is  now the option to add a large header image called “Channel Art.” This is a way  for companies to present a well-branded page that is clean and does not detract  from the videos.

3. Organize your…

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