Twitter Tanty

Silver Sparrow

I am trying not to be all 2 year old foot stomping tanty about this but it really burns my britches when people don’t follow me back on twitter.

grumpy cat

I’m not talking about celebs, I’m talking about say, when I follow another mum, a blogger, an everyday person and they don’t follow me back. Why would they not? (Obviously I’m awesome..) I look and they are following say 255 people and have 450 followers. Why not take the time to follow those people back? You’re not Ashton with a million plus followers. You could stretch yourself. It’d take just a second to click their profile to see if they are genuine or if you add them and see they are just spamming your feed you can delete them.

I’ve got my own theories on the people who don’t follow back.

The twitter snob- These tweeps don’t want their feed getting…

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