BRAC takes a different approach to social media with SCVNGR

Passport to PR

ImageSocial media and technology are not only slowly taking over the world, but they have become a way of life. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all examples of communication portals that people have begun to depend on for information and news. Since social media and technology have become such a norm and are used so commonly in everyday life, I could not imagine what life would be like without either. 

Then again, I can.

During my freshmen year here at LSU, one of my professors challenged us to a “Media Blackout.” The guidelines of this challenge were that we could not use any type of technology or social media for 24 hours. We could only read about news in newspapers or magazines. No television. No telephone. Nothing. Initially, I thought 24 hours without technology or social media would be a relief, but in actuality it was very stressful at times…

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