My battle with the bunny

Happy Early Easter.

Mint Green

So it’s Easter week. What does that mean? Chocolate. Oooooh yes indeedy. I received my first Easter egg today. My lovely boss delivered one of these bad boys to my desk:

I was SO excited to receive it. I haven’t actually been given an egg in years (John is not allowed to by me a chocolate egg and my wider family just buy for kids, adults are ususally trying to be healthy), so it was lovely, lovely!

That feeling reminded me about how exciting it was to wake up on Easter Sunday to a shiny bunny next to my bed, followed by an egg hunt. It’s hilarious thinking back – my mum hid our eggs in the same spots every year, so my sister & I knew exactly where to go for the good stuff! Hunt was over pretty quickly 🙂

But alas… I’m officially on a DIET at the…

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